Looking for a new POS?

My Weed POS is an easy to use app which can be used on your Ipad, Iphone and Android devices.

The app helps to effortlessly ease your data handling and MMED reports by automatically filing it out and completing it for you and your marijuana dispensary. 

The comprehensive data on the app allows you to monitor your day to day medical marijuana business and ensures you are always up to date with everything business related

My Weed POS offers to collect all your data in one place to loosen the burden from your business so that you can focus on the more important parts of your day.

Gone are the days when you are swamped with data entry and analysis, My Weed POS offers a quick and reliable solution

Thanks to My Weed POS’ unique software and interface designed especially for the cannabis industry, this POS app can save you a considerable amount of time, effort and resources which you can in turn use to help grow and expand your business’ brand.

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