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My Weed POS


My Weed POS offers you essential features to ensure your cannabis business runs smoothly on a day to day basis.  

With My Weed POS you will be able to:

Import existing patients and inventory

At My Weed POS we understand the importance of not having your data and business disrupted, with our POS software you will be able to import your prior data and patients to ensure you keep hold of all the essential information you need.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

With My Weed POS’ quick software you will be able to keep in touch with your inventory as soon as they leave and enter your store. The software is designed to update inventory in real-time with no delay to ensure you are always informed about your stock.

Manage Multiple Locations

My Weed POS’ software enables you to manage various locations at the same time providing you with the perfect tools to help grow your business and expand your brand into multiple bases.


Download and Generate Sales Reports

With My Weed POS’ app, our software will provide you with data to analyze and generate sales reports directly for your convenience.

With My Weed POS’ sales reports you will be able to keep up to date with your business and identify areas to improve in order to help grow your cannabis dispensary.

Manage Employees and Track hours

My Weed POS’ Point of Sales system will allow you to manage your staff rota based on the demands of any given day and keep up with your employees’ hours regularly to ensure your business runs smooth.


Email and Text Message Patients

Through My Weed POS’ app you will have quick and easy access to your patients enabling you to contact them and help promote your brand with just a few touches of a button. Thanks to My Weed POS’ app you will be able to send out text messages and emails to alert your patients and offer easy to access promotions.

Manage Patient Data and Documents

The comprehensive software of My Weed POS is able to keep hold of any document and all the vital data you need to maintain your business. With My Weed POS you will be able to manage your patient data and store all your documents in one place allowing for a smooth digital account.

Notifications for Medical Expirations

My Weed POS will notify you of any medical expirations to ensure your business stays operating without any issues and to give you a peace of mind. Our software will detect any expirations and send you a notification right away.

Patient Visit Tracking and Reward Program

My Weed POS offers you innovative features to track your patients’ visits and an extensive rewards program designed to entice and encourage more customers to your business.


Manage Employees and Track Hours

Our POS system application will enable you to keep a close eye on your employees’ activity and track their hours to make sure your entire business is working as a cohesive unit and no one is falling behind.

  • Master inventory view

Our unique master inventory screen gives store managers everything they need to know about their inventory numbers at each location.

  • Global product catalog

Store all your product details and descriptions in one place. No need for clumsy csv exports between stores, and no need to spend time doing double/triple entry across multiple accounts.

  • Inventory logs

Maintain absolute control over your product inventory.

Greenline provides the ability to inspect every inventory movement that has occurred, know who made that change, when, by how much, and identify mistakes quickly.

  • Transfers

Transfer your inventory between stores, or between your front and back of store


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