Looking for a new POS?

Our mission at My Weed POS is to help guide the world of the cannabis industry into a more simplistic and hassle free future with expert advice and analysis.

At My Weed POS we understand the demands and hectic nature of the cannabis industry and we promise to offer you an easy and swift solution that will save you thousands of hours of work and money in the long run.


Our team is made up of passionate and driven individuals who work tirelessly to conjure the best and simplest data handling systems.

From our engineers and experts to our developers, we all strive towards excellence.

It is why My Weed POS promises to deliver a revolutionary app in the POS industry, which offers to provide you with more unique detail and data than ever.

Our team works hard to ensure our POS is the best and most simple app to use, we have enabled our software to run on all platforms and the app runs smoothly with easy to use features which are guaranteed to make your life easy.

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